Ecological Architecture and Retrofit

Specialists in eco-building and sustainable architecture

We are U.K. based specialists in ecological building design. We design healthy, low-energy, high-comfort domestic & non-domestic projects to the AECB Silver, Passivhaus & EnerPHit energy standards. We use both traditional and innovative building techniques. We have detailed knowledge of locally available and renewable materials.

Simmonds Mills incorporate key principles of energy efficiency and the use of appropriate renewable energy resources.

We have particular experience of using UK woodland timber, and are practised in earthen building techniques.  We have completed a wide variety of built projects, including:Passivhaus and Enerphit certified projects; historic conversion and renovation; new housing; public buildings for housing associations, charities, educational centres.

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"  Occupant Feedback : GROVE COTTAGE ‘All year round, the house is the right temperature, no messing with controls, fretting about getting the children to close doors, and no excessive clothing !’    "

Lorna Pearcey, Grove Cottage.

"We were delighted when it proved to be possible to achieve a PassivHaus standard building which fits perfectly in its residential environment and provides an efficient working environment at a reasonable price. We couldn’t have achieved this without the passion, commitment and expertise of our architects Simmonds Mills. Our tenants, the local community, the workforce and the Board of Helena Partnerships are delighted with the outcome."

Professor Robert Barr, OBE

Independent Board Member and Sustainability Champion - Helena Partnerships
"Incidentally we don’t have any heating at all upstairs and the ‘coldest’ bedroom in the cottage end is at 17C today, plenty warm enough. Our bedroom in the new bit is 19C, and is usually warmer when we get up in the morning that when we go to bed at night – just 2 bodies warming it! We spent the evening at a friend’s house yesterday and sat in draughts..."



How can we help you?

If you have any questions about green building techniques, retrofit, or renewables the SimmondsMills team have over 25 years experience. Please ask how we can help you.